3 Steps to get a Successful Lead Generation Campaigns in Google Ads and two others in Facebook

Lead generation campaigns are one of the most important and effective campaigns you may need to experience in your work in both google ads and Facebook.

Simply it is a campaign that generates leads for you in which it catches your customer’s attention and makes them convinced to leave their cell phone numbers/emails or any other personal information in exchange for some information they need to ask for or to get some product.

So to define What a Lead Means:

It is the person how have an interest in your product or service, and this makes him possible to become a customer.,

but as within the remainder of all the promoting campaigns to let your campaign succeed you have to define your objective from this campaign, specify your target audience, generate a rich content or offer, set an appropriate funding

Here`s some strategies that makes your Facebook lead generation campaign be clickable:

1- Your Campaign Image:

including humans in your lead generation campaign had proved a great success in arrangement of (a smiling relatable Woman / then babies come)

After that, you will find that if you choose an odd or funny image it may encourage the users to read the headline and take an action, also remember to avoid complicated images and to be simple maximum extent practicable 

2- The Headline:

try to make your headline catch your customer’s eyes as possible, things like (for free / the dollar sign/percentage signs) can catch your customers.

3- Regarding Colors details:

it is not recommended to use Blue or white colors as it is Facebook colors but try to use catchier colors or bright ones.

Strategies that result in a conversion:

Traffics generated from Facebook ads to an optimized landing page for lead generation is the best way to find qualified leads that may probably convert to a final sale.

The best two strategies to generate leads from a Facebook campaign and Landing Page combination are Contests & Email-Gated Content.

Contests are a good way to generate qualified leads if you executed it in an intelligent way and with a satisfying award.

Email-Gated Content & EBooks are one of the best ways to get leads if you have created a valuable eBook or valuable content or case study.

Regarding Lead Generation Campaigns on Google it is represented in an online advertising campaign addressed to generate qualified and relevant leads for a business.

Steps will help you to create a successful lead generation campaigns on google search ads:

  1. Search for the Right Keywords:

Generics don’t win! in google search ads you have to be specific so it is recommended to use “long-tail keywords” they improved to convert at up to 36% as they express your customer’s purpose in detail and have less competition which can help you more. 

  1. Refine your Landing Page:

You should always optimize your landing page according to Google guidelines to avoid removing or pausing your landing page and in order to convert many visitors as far as it can.

This can be accomplished by means of:

– Avoiding Pop-ups & Interstitials

Your landing page has to be relevant in content with search terms and comfortable for the customer’s journey and not to be a long and informational article.

– Allocate landing pages for each Keyword

All the landing pages needs is just to be relevant and easy for your customer so you have to use the message match technique in your landing page to improve your conversion rates.

– Choose the CTA place carefully

Your CTA place should be above the fold; this technique could simply increase your conversion rates by over 50%.

This technique could be common in many landing pages because you all have limited time to communicate with your visitors so you have to be straight to the point.

  1. Testing is vital

Testing what makes one marketer differs from another and that to get a high-Quality Score, Lower Cost Per Click.

We hope that you had found a helpful article and all the best in your coming lead generation campaigns

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