Did you Think about Ramadan 2021 Campaign Ideas and their Peak Hours?


In the coming days, we will celebrate the great month that many people wait for its Ramadan a holy month of devotion, praying, spirituality, but it is also a month that gives marketers & brands a large area and great opportunity to benefit from advertising, sales and offers among the month.

So how to use promotions during Ramadan? How to use ads and when? Creating a marketing campaign that really understands your audience`s needs and makes your brand closer for them needs you some thinking.

So First of all you have to understand your audience consumer behavior during this month:

Consumer behavior

The customer’s behaviors will be divided into 4 parts

1- Before Ramadan Starts, you will find that customers will start their activates in the middle of Shaaban so you have to start early to test and enhance your strategy.

2- In the first half of Ramadan, it is estimated that people will stay at home as what happened in 2020 during a pandemic so they greatly used their smartphones in this times so keep in your mind that the majority of people may be online at some late hours using their smartphones.

3- In the last half of Ramadan consumers will shift their focus towards Eid preparations and will intense their online shopping for Eid celebrations.

4- The Exit of Ramadan & Eid atmospheres due to pandemic it is expected that consumers also will stay inside the home using their smartphones.

Then Look at the last insights that will might help you:

Stats mentioned that

– More than 85% of people in the Middle East celebrate Ramadan on Facebook.
– More than 68% of people in KSA search for gift ideas by using Instagram and 70% of people in UAE use Facebook to do so.

Campaign Strategies

Create your Campaign Strategies:

Story Telling have an effective impact on ads so use it under cases like:


The Month Spirit:

Definitely, Ramadan ads have to reflect the spirit of this month and be more personalized for the customers than advertorial.


– It’s a month of charity and giving so your ads have to send values, goodness, co-operation, family love, and community activities.

Integrated online campaigns


Parallel Integrated Online Campaigns:

As marketing magazines mentioned that companies who work in a parallel way in both television spots & social media advertising get very high successful results with a 360-degree reach.

As 80% of people in Ramadan use their smartphones during watching TV and also the television is highly watched during this month.

Ramadan atmosphere

Ramadan gives you an advantage atmosphere:

If you are working in the food & beverage or e-commerce industry Ramadan will help you in refreshing your income.
As Restaurants will focus on Eftar & Sohuor offerings by consolidating the culture of feasting, charity communities, and avoiding food wastage.
In general, ads containing recipes are very popular with the audiences as people tend to search for them at this time, although E-commerce websites might experience some slump in the first days but the sales curve will rise in the end of the month.

Segment your days

Segment your days with Tailored Messages:

As we all know the day in Ramadan is divided into two parts the Eftar and the Sohuor so you can schedule your ads to be specialized to appeal to each part of the day Example (if you were a restaurant you may make pre-Eftar ads which promote your Eftar offerings and another ad that promotes your sohuor offerings).

Ramadan Hashtags

Let Ramadan Conversations take part of your campaign:

Hashtags on Twitter will help you in this mission so always use hashtags that send messages of gathering, interconnectedness, Ramadan.
It will make you take a great part in the existing conversations happening around the world.

Influencers and digital content creators

Influencers & Digital Content Creators can help you in a good and efficient way:

Stats ” 90% of consumers trust influencers recommendations”

With the rise of influencer marketing nowadays cooperating with popular content creators will help you in reaching your ad for numerous numbers of your audience.

Insights will help you

Know what are the peak hours that should help your ads:

Regarding social media ads peak hours in MENA, you will find that best times to post will be:

  • Egypt: 11pm – 2am for Facebook & 2-4 pm for Twitter
  • UAE: 8-11pm for Facebook & 3-5pm for Twitter
  • Saudi Arabia: 10pm – 12am for Facebook & from 4-6 am for Twitter
  • Jordan: 2-4 am for Facebook & 4-5 pm for Twitter
  • Lebanon: 10am – 1pm for Facebook & 4-5pm for Twitter
  • Qatar: 7-11pm for Facebook & 6-8pm for Twitter

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