How Did Mega Brands Touch your Heart in Ramadan 2021 Ads?


In Ramadan 2021 most of the ads are similar as they were dominated by the feature of the song that narrates events or story by photographing it with some sports or media stars, unlike Ramadan 2020, companies this year abandoned linking their ads to the idea of social distancing in consideration of Coronavirus and used the idea of ordinary ads that represent normal life

Let’s take a quick look at Ramadan 2021 TV commercials, what factors did each campaign depends on to achieve a great viral

Ramadan 2021 ads

Resala Charity Organization

The most successful ad in setting its goal and that changed the usual idea of ​​advertising for each year was the ad created by Resala Charity Organization by using the Triggers Factor, which depends on major events in the customer’s life cycle so they focused on the charity to donate old clothes for reuse during Ramadan or Eid

So the campaign was distinguished by using the humorous aspect to influence of audience emotion`s to donate old, unused clothes

It was smart to use the idea of ​​showing the old clothes suffering for this year and not suffering of the less fortunate people,So clothes talked to the audience about their suffering from the storage inside cupboards, lack of use, and their desire to be used by other people.

Intelligence of the idea in this advertisement was to motivate viewers to donate without uttering a word of donation or without resorting to pressure on the audience by using scenes about the people how have low income or provoking audience feelings,

so they changed the traditional direction of speech through celebrities who appeal to donate their products and convert this traditional way by making clothes are the ones who have a problem, they want to be free, to be used – worn by someone, also The choice of Hamid Al Shairi and Ahmed Adaweya voices was a smart choice

Ramadan ads

Mountain View & The StoryTelling Factor

Then we come to the atmosphere of family warmth that expressed by the storytelling technique in the ” Mountain View” ad when it highlighted the most important characteristic of homes, which is warmth and family proximity, not the services that Real estate companies ads may give you to create your desire to buy a property,

so Instead of the direct announcement of the property’s specifications was replaced by highlighting the quality of relationships between more than one family, family warmth, and the customer’s desire to return to his home in Mountain View even after traveling within to convey the idea that life in this compound is different,

all of this was done under storytelling in a song where Mountain View took advantage from the recent success of Hussein Al Jasmi in his songs by using him to sing this commercial ad song.

Ramadan ads

The real power “Banque Misr VS Vodafone”

Here we are talking about the Social Currency Factor which simply can be described as an effective way to realize the value companies add to customers, by identifying what’s unique about your brand and making people feel as if they are part of the brand

As for the idea of ​​”strength and the lack of the impossible”, it was expressed this season through two announcements, namely “Banque Misr & Vodafone”, but the one that succeeded more in expressing and linking the idea to his product was Banque Misr.

 As it used the idea of ​​power and that “there is no impossible can stop us” by expressing it with real people of the same mind – nature of the viewers so it expressed this by models of situations that actually occur with people who are already existing and living in different social classes in a manner that approaches the campaign to people because it expresses them.

 In addition, the ad focused through more than one part on “the power of women and special capabilities” which greatly supports the campaign slogan for this season, which is “I am the possible” regardless of who you are.

In contrast to what Vodafone did, which relied only on the booming associated with nostalgia using the appearance of the star Sherihan in their ad without focusing on any real offers that the customer can benefit using the service

 Banque Misr’s ads has strengthened the idea of “​​the possible and the power” by more than an advertising campaign shared through social media and TV ads called by “Digital Kings” in the same season, that contains different situations in which many people fall such as (congestion problems, interference in privacy, Envy , parking or leaving work), to offer the only and best solution to get out this crisis which is the electronic wallet, one of the digital or electronic services that the bank provides

These advertisements were dealt with in a comic framework, so Banque Misr was the most successful in using and supporting the idea of “​​power or possible” in its advertisements for Ramadan 2021 by issuing a motivational song to audience in addition supported by complementary advertisements for real services within the bank that benefit customers and used a suitable call to action inside the commercial ads to get clients use its services

Ramadan advertisement campaigns


Coca Cola

Coca-Cola used the Practical Value Factor in Ramadan 2021 Campaign in which the brand shares valuable information with customers to enhance their interaction and make them want to share it with people they think might benefit from

So Coca-Cola ad used and supports the charity idea which is very appropriate for the context of Ramadan events, which offered its product during the month in a way that allows it to be used as a gift 

In this ad, Coca-Cola talked about the idea of closeness between people and that being alienated at the beginning of relationships does not mean difference or distance, because every person we knew was stranger at the beginning, therefore in this ad, it did not depend on the media stars, but relied on strengthening the idea of charity – goodness and getting close to others.  

Ramadan ads


Zed also used the Social currency Factor in this campaign

One of the smart ways to double-market for two places without prejudice to one of them or highlighting advantages for one place without the other was the announcement of Zed,

in which they were able to use two groups of media and sports stars, each group of them biased for the services of their own compound and each group talks about the reason for their adherence to the compound in which they live

The ad concludes with a new gesture, which is Voice Over for Naguib Sawiris, as Zed is one of Ora development projects.

Ramadan advertisement campaigns

Ahl Misr Hospital

Every Ramadan Ahl Misr Hospital used to use the Emotion Factor in its ads in which you occur a reaction with human emotions to form a deep connection with customers, like fear, anger, or joy to influence the decision-making to interact with you

 But What is striking in this season is the response of Ahl Misr Hospital to the audience harm from the harsh scenes in their previous advertisements in the past seasons of Ramadan, so they replaced this idea with an advertisement devoid of any scenes related to the fire incidents of people and their portrayal of the idea of fire by using it only for lighting and supported the ad with the word ” peace”

But we didn’t see it good to use the tune of a patriotic song for this advertisement as that it would have been better to change it with another song that supports the idea of donation and peace.

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