Integrated marketing services.

SteepX helps you provide all integrated marketing services from marketing research to channels of communication with audience.


Marketing Research

To start your marketing plan effectively, you have to know the market, its capacity and your competitors to deeply understand the market and recognize your market share to control it in an effective way. This is how the term "marketing research" is developed. It's a way to study the customer and gather information about the consumers' needs, behavior, buying habits and what they accept from the market to buy. In another meaning, how we create a need to the targeted audience then satisfy that need. This is how the term "customer research" is developed. SteepX serves your business by providing analytical and statistical results based on marketing researches of customers and the market concerning your activity.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning aims to change creative ideas into actual results over various marketing platforms to reach potential customers. SteepX has a team of professionals who can decide whether the marketing campaign will be a hit or needs some corrections. SteepX starts with you by making a detailed "situation analysis" through identifying the ideal customer specifications, setting goals, and identifying marketing tools with the most suitable marketing budget.


Branding isn't limited to logo design or slogan that only attract the eyes. It's a process consists of factors that reflect your characteristics to make your product or service outstanding. SteepX is on your side to guarantee a distinctive position in your customers' minds using marketing strategies. SteepX enhances the link between your product or service and the customer's memory. This kind of link can be visual, emotional, rational that copes with surrounding culture in a way that creates positive image to your customer.

Integrated Marketing Communications

appearing to customers through digital and traditional channels or marketing tools the Very important stage,
who working together in the direction to your business objectives according to what is specified in the strategic plan and also to establish the identity of the service or product.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The latest statistics online about the customer behavior shows that more than 80% of customers look for the product or the service they want on search engines before making purchase decision.
75% of customers trust the results of search engines.
Search engine optimization isn’t just a repetition of keywords or the inclusion of some back links to indicate your website only.
SEO is a set of practices and factors that should be considered within your website, which helps your site to lead the results among search engines.
To improve your website, lead search engines’ results in your industry, and surpass your competitors, feel free to consult SEO specialists at SteepX

Integrated Marketing Communications

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels or platforms are the closest and easiest to reach customers and communicate with them continuously.
The most important part here is:
What content will you share with your customers?
How to build a successful relationship with your customers?
A lot of questions have different answers that are determined according to your project to make you stand out between your competitors.
No matter what questions you have, we do have answers and solutions that are managed by a team of professional social media specialists at SteepX

Integrated Marketing Communications

Advertising campaigns

You can reach a large segment of your potential audience who are interested in your product or service through advertising campaigns on various social networking sites such as advertising through the Google platform or Facebook ads.
Digital marketing campaigns push your business forward and help you to always be prominent to the customers looking for you.
Just leave it all to the professional campaign managers at SteepX and watch the results.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Content Creation

“Content is the king”. If you read this sentence before or it’s your first time to see it, then you have to always remember it.
But the question here, are you ready to publish a creative attractive content that increases your media platforms visits?
Start your business with creative idea and leave the content creation to the team at SteepX where we know how to create a content that meets SEO and generates customers.
If you still don’t have an idea to start feel free to specify a marketing consultation at SteepX who will help in reaching the best idea to your business.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Graphic Design

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.
The best way to clarify an idea is to express it with a photo or symbol that leaves a lasting impression in your customer’s memory.
What if you have a photo that is designed perfectly to sell your product or service?
SteepX will help you design the visual identity of your business, and everything you need from a marketing or advertising design.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Email campaigns

It’s a marketing tool that allows you to communicate with potential customers and existing customers.
Email campaigns come with a very impressive return on investment (ROI) compared to other marketing tools.
It is also the most important tool of communication in business to business (B2B).
Feel free to consult e-mail campaigns specialists at SteepX

Integrated Marketing Communications

Mobile Marketing

Now you can advertise via SMS, smart phone applications, QR codes, smartphone web pages or paid phone ads.
The latest statistics of our survey confirmed that 80% of mobile users spend most of their time using applications, specifically games.
They tend to surf not less than 70% of pages.
Online searches are growing at an annual rate of 200%. Feel free to consult the SteepX specialists.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Websites and applications

Having your own website is one of the most important steps to market your project.
If you have a website, you should also keep developing it up to date in a way that makes you your customer’s first choice.
Mobile applications are also useful to your project, as they are very easy to use by your customers according to recent statistics.
To design and develop your own mobile application or website, feel free to consult our programmers at SteepX.