Strong Storm for Clubhouse in Social Media


Voice is one of the things that attract attention, but have you ever imagined that voice could be the only thing that uniquely distinguishes your work?

That`s what happened in ClubHouse application, which caused a sensation and a great change in the world of social media.

What is Clubhouse?

It’s an only Voice chatting application, only exists in IPhone, don’t support any pictures or videos, only audio so users share audio clips instead of text posts and none of the conversations is saved.

It was launched in march 2020 by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth.

How Clubhouse work?

After opening the application, you will find a list of rooms that you can join, also you can create your own room.

Each room discusses different topics, and is hosted by an expert in the field who decides who can speak from the interested users who raise their hands to join the discussion. 

Who in Clubhouse?

Celebrities, Popular podcast hosts, Social Media stars

How can you Join Clubhouse?

If you are an IPhone user you can download the application and have a username but you can only join clubhouse by invitation from an existing user from inside the application.

How many invites do you get in the clubhouse?

Clubhouse users get only two invites sent from the application in a form of a link that lets a new user get onboard.

What makes Clubhouse different?

The most special thing which made Clubhouse unique is that it is characterized by privacy, which makes it comfortable for its users and this appears in the following points:

  1. This application depends on voice chat only and does not support any kind of pictures or videos.
  2. The special thing that makes Clubhouse different from any other social media platform is that the celebrities registered in the application can give or send invitations for other people so they also can interact directly with them.
  3. The conversations are non-saved conversations so celebrities won`t fear turning what they say in the chat to the news which offers them high security.
  4. Camera Free application so users don’t feel embarrassed from having to wear definite clothes, the place they were.
  5. Clubhouse talks can be conducted on all kinds of topics starting from Housewives conversations to political ones.
  6. It can help in building new business connections by having a private conversation with people you are interested to work with them.

if you are curious about knowing how did Clubhouse get viral those are some lines can tell you:

  • The first assistant for the application was Coronavirus and pandemic cases as people was thirst for communication
  • The application gained a great viral and success after the conversation between Elon Musk & Vlad Tenevhas the chief executive of Robinhood, It has been the largest credit for growing the application recently
  • By the end of January the appearance of Tesla CEO made the application jumped from 3 to 5 million users
  • The venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has invested tens of millions of dollars in Clubhouse platform.
  • Mark Zuckerberg`s appearance in one of its rooms hit the app with some technical difficulties due to high traffic on it.
  • Last but not least, the star of this app is expected to shine more and more in the coming days.

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