The Best 6 Smart bidding Strategies You Can Use in Ramadan 2021 Campaigns


It is certainly known that the customer searching through Google is the most inclined customer to make a purchase decision due to his desire to search for what he wants by himself.

Customers purchase behaviors in Ramadan is different especially in pandemic, so in Ramadan 2021 you have to benefit from everything you spend on your advertising campaign and reach your target audience with more accuracy

That’s why Google search ads are an effective tool to drive sales and traffic for your website, but google won’t leave you alone in this battle between your competitors

it will work to recommend you the best strategy that will help you to reach the best-desired results by an intelligent way called “Smart bidding”

What is Smart Bidding?

Smart Bidding is a designed automated bidding strategy to help you in improving your ad performance for a good achievement for your goals.

How does it work?

It works with machine learning in order to enhance the general goals of the ads like increasing conversions, cost-per-action (CPA), return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), maximize conversion value, or enhancing cost-per-click.

Manual or smart

It’s worthy to mention that Google’s bidding strategies are taking shape of 2 methods which are Manual bidding and Smart bidding

In a quick comparison between both, you will find that you should use the Smart Bidding recommended to you from google especially in Ramadan as of course you aim to reach a high goal

so despite cost control you may have in choosing the manual bidding it can easily waste your time, leading to a worse outcome.

Google Ads Bidding Best Practices

What are the best Smart Bidding Strategies You can Use in your Ads in Ramadan 2021?


Maximize Clicks

When you ask google ads to maximize your clicks using this strategy so Google will help you to get clicks as much as possible within your budget

You have two options in this strategy either to choose the ‘standard’ strategy which can maximize your clicks for certain campaign

Second one is ‘Portfolio Strategy’ which increase number of clicks in more than one ad campaign

Maximize Conversions

This smart bidding strategy will direct your budget to be spent by the highest number of conversions can be carried out

Maximize Conversion Value

If you choose to get a valued number of conversions you have to set up a conversion tracking for your google ads account, after that google will ask you to assign a relative value for each conversion event,

after that Google Ads will try to optimize your keyword bidding strategy using many pieces of information to generate your campaign the highest value of conversions.

Target Impression Share

In this strategy you are asking to get the largest share of rate in impressions among your competitors by increasing the frequent number of your search appearing,

here you can choose your target impression between three options

  1. absolute top of the search results

  2. top of the page results

  3. anywhere of google search results

Target CPA (Cost Per Action)

This makes you pay only for the action that happened and you desired so you can set a target cost per action if your goal is to increase target or lead Google Ads will automatically optimize your keyword bidding strategy to achieve more conversions as possible at or below the target CPA.

Target Return on Ad Spend- (ROAS)

This strategy will focus on the optimal return-on-ad-spend, not clicks or conversions or any other things so it will optimize your revenue bulk.

Google will try to expect the future conversions will happen using values that you provide and then set a maximum cost-per-conversion to maximize your conversion value and profit.

Enhanced CPC

It allows Google to make changes to the manually set keyword bid so it may increase or decrease the bid of a keyword in an individual auction based on the probability that click will lead to selling.

In the end, of course you have to define your target from your ad before running the campaign, take advantage of the opportunity for the great using of your audience to the internet a lot during Ramadan 2021

and their desire to buy online, according to this and what shown above about smart bidding definitely you will know what to do, which bid strategy you will select to help your ad reach the target you want.

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that you may encounter while running your ad.

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